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5 definitions by Smeagol

A Bocki is the Ubergay of #animeforum
Ubergay is now known as Bocki.
by smeagol July 12, 2004
50 9
means a combination of shrivled and wrinkled. it's kinda a little of both and just came out of my mouth one night.
that apple is really shrinkled!
by Smeagol January 22, 2005
6 4
Seemingly bi-polar; bi-polar; having two or more personalities or additudes
Why must you be so smollum? Once second you're cheering me on and the next you're trying to make me cry.
by Smeagol September 26, 2003
1 0
Flaming fucking homotron
by Smeagol June 16, 2003
3 4
handsome and wonderful character of lord of the rings, he's got a capital importance in the movie. I just love him, he is the true hero of the film and he deserves better than pity!
Gollum, stop bitting my finger! (frodo)
by smeagol January 31, 2004
11 20