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A very clever name for a male pornstar.
"Have you seen the new movie with Dil Dodick, it really brings out his many different talents."
by SmacMastr August 20, 2009
I was blacked out from drinking, something serious happened and I blacked in.
I was blacked out last night but I Blacked In as soon as I got the call my friend was passed out in the middle of the street
by SmacmastR November 28, 2010
Your on the beach shes roaring and rolling like godzilla from Tokyo, you dip your dick in sand and then dip it in her, and then blast her face with sand.
Scott: "Dude I cant believe you pulled off a Tokyo Sandblaster."
Alex: "It was tight."

Renee: "Ryan, please dip your dick in the sand and fuck me."
Ryan: "Ok cwat. take my tokyo sand blaster!"

Blake: "Her eyes were looking Japenese after I Tokyo Sanblasted her"
by SmacmastR November 09, 2010

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