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n. See "Twunt" Derogatory term used when describing someone of a political nature.
"I can't believe that cwat Tony Blair has wasted all our money on immigrant twunts"
by Fergus January 01, 2004
vaginal fluid--cum from a twat. Used to eliminate ambiguity as to the meaning of cum, especially in situations involving both semen and vaginal fluid.
Though Rolf pulled out before ejaculating, his penis was already soaked with cwat.
by Tsvetan September 02, 2006
me and katies word that we made up.. meaning.. the spot inbetween a woman's clit and twat or an insult.
1.dude that girls cwat is nasty
2.dude that chick is such a cwat!
by bkmadeit February 08, 2005
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