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Used my Connery on SNL celebrity jeopardy skit.

Many people overlook the fact that, while switching the tt anc ck results in butt fucker, switching the b and f results in the equally humourous "Fuck butter", sexual effluent perhaps?
I whipped up a batch of ol' fashioned buck futter with your mum last night
by Slyph February 18, 2005
An archaic unit of measurement. a metric shitload is equal to 2.227 Imperial Shitloads
I have an imperial shitload of work to do
by Slyph October 05, 2004
British, pungent, foul-smelling spray underarm deodorant with many stupidly named variations, called "axe" in the USA
Lynx voodoo is a stupider name for a deodorant than Lynx gravity, but only just.
by Slyph February 20, 2005
According to the 4rthur.com dictionary, to simultaneously masturbate and cry.
"I spent new year's day alone, shanghai'ing."
by Slyph January 19, 2005

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