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a phrase used when you see some old bastard on the street with no teeth.
Also can be used when you see a little kid walking home from school so you can scare him to shitting his pants.
Hey old man.... want some candy.....

Hey little boy..... looks like you could use some candy
by Slimslope May 11, 2006
A phrase used when you see a girl so hot that you get a huge ass boner , and it gets so big that it feels like there is a little goblin attached to your leg
" Man did you see that hot girl......Holy crap i think she just gave me a Leg Goblin."
by Slimslope May 11, 2006
A phrase used when you go and get the biggest rumble in your ass ever. You have to get to the rest room and real quick but you can't find one .. so you go behind the store and find a nice tree to hang from and take a shit and catch it in your hand and throw it on incoming customers. and start yelling and howling like an idiot
"O my god i have to crap so bad"
"Where am i going to go since there arent any bathrooms?"
"Well looks like another Big Ole Chimp Dump"
"Heres a nice tree"
Custome: "what the hell is he doing"
"Aw theres shit all over in my hair"
by Slimslope May 11, 2006
A phrase used when you see a very hot female/ male (depending on if you are gay are straight as a gate) Well anyways back to the def, you start getting an erection and its just getting bigger and bigger and bigger, and all of the sudden you hear a "rip". and you notice that you boxers are ripped from your big ass boner.
"Omg did you see that hot guy... omg i think i have a trouser rouser."
by Slimslope May 11, 2006
A phrase used when you are so happy that you turn green , put on some penny lofers and start skipping around town like a queer. YOu also go throughout grocery stores stealing bread pooding, and stealing babies out of strolers and selling them on the black market for crack.
"O my gosh, i just found gold under my microwavable pizza. I'm as happy as a goblin."
by Slimslope May 11, 2006
a term you use when you want to get a queers attention.... kinda like a friend of mine by the name of spencer. He is such a shmee.
"Look at that faggot over there"
"yeah he prolly sucks balls"
"talk about a real shmee"
by Slimslope May 11, 2006

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