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When a fart has the thick and terrible aroma of a duck slough or swamp
"dude, those burritos gave me some slough farts!"
"dude, it's a slough fart!"
by Sknudson April 07, 2008
To stick your fingers into someones poop shoot!
(finger my shitter mixed around)
"dude, mitch's mom is on fire!! I wanna shinger her fitter!"
"hey jim, shinger my fitter!"
by sknudson April 08, 2008
Refering to farts that resemble a grandpas odor, or a nursing home, this is most common in women or after a man eats fast food. If the fart does not smell like slough it's prolly gonna be some gramps...
"holy shit dude, that's some grandpa ass!"
"dude, it's gramps!"
"that Burger King gave me some serious granpa ass!"
by Sknudson April 07, 2008
A term used by a minnesotan refering to a hottness of a women. Used a lot while passing aq hot chick.
"Did you see Karen's thong just now? Oofta say smokes!"
"Oofta say smokes! that bitch was on fire!"
"You see the rack on that? Oofta say now!"
by Sknudson April 07, 2008

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