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The sound classic comic book Batman makes when he punches a prostitute in the face.
"Oh no, I believe she is beginning to use her teeth!"


It was a close one, but Batman made it out alive.
by Skizla March 30, 2009
Someone who has acted in an inappropriate or displeasing manner.
Eric: "No! You dont need another fucking cigarette!"
Scott: "Geez Eric, no need to be such a turd-slinger..."
by Skizla April 13, 2006
One hit of the psychedelic drug 2C-I which is a phenethylamine of the 2C family.
Hey man, you got any military hits or hyper glitter?
by Skizla February 06, 2007
Stands for Laughing My Fucking Ass Off, Biting On The Carpet
OMG oh, the hilarity, LMFAOBOTC!
by Skizla April 13, 2006
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