24 definitions by Skippy

Butt mudding in a zip-lock bag, then stashing it in someones cookiejar.
Tonight we'll be duking it up at Janes party.
by Skippy December 12, 2003
when one has an orgasm but no sperm or semen flys out of the reproductive system.
"last night i had a silenced orgasm while i was on top of ryan" chris told his dad.
by Skippy June 06, 2004
Whassup is a shortuned form of "What is up?" Normally used by lazy people or people in a hury, alost used as a Greating
"whassup my homie?"
or" Whass up we goona be late for the movie?"
by Skippy November 30, 2003
A tube sock refers to the result of pink socking your partner, stapling the pink sock to a table, and then pulling on his/her head, stretching the inverted rectum an unhealthy distance.
Mr. Spock's cock shocked her Virginia stock before doing the tube sock
by Skippy December 11, 2006
Only the cutest horse ever known to man, er... horse-kind.
Whoa. You're like, nearly half as gorgeous as Skippy. Wait.. maybe not.
by Skippy December 16, 2004
Tinkerbell is when a guy hangs from a light fixture and jerks-off all over a girl, much like how tinkerbell spread her pixie dust all over wendy and the boys who went to never never land. This is usually preceded by a peter pan and sometimes followed by a Captain Hook.
I tinkerbelled on your mom more than a Disney movie.
by Skippy April 05, 2005
when one shits on a chicken and makes his or her partner lick it off and feed it back through the butthole. This then causes a sexual stimulation with the parter who then will feast on the asshole of the chicken.
"the chicken surprise tasted so good last night I thought I was in heaven," quoted chris who was just leaving ryan's house.
by Skippy June 06, 2004

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