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The act where two homosexuals forcefully try to convert a third individual.
Bill and Joe were carefully approaching Bob from each side of the bed. Bob, unaware, was now becoming a victim of a San Francisco Sandwich.
by Skamuf March 29, 2008
A non-existing hammer used for magical development of musical samples.
Hey--hand me the tonehammer bitch. I can't get this legato ensemble to connect in a fluent way - and there is no playability in this patch.
by skamuf January 05, 2010
The most unfortunate combination of frustration and stress.
The bitch was into extended foreplay, excessive cuddling and rubbr. Needless to say that made me pretty frustressed.
by skamuf January 08, 2010
being in constant contact with one person using 3 or more simultaneous IM applications ... especially if IM applications can do both video and audio.
Troels had AIM, Skype and Yahoo Messenger open ... totally online spooning with his homies.
by skamuf January 18, 2010
The process of blowing air back through the straw into the milkshake - thereby creating a milkshake fart.
Damn! The chocolate chips got stuck in the straw - only way to get them out was by making a milkshake fart.
by skamuf February 24, 2011
F.U.Q means (Frequent User Questions) and is the more punchy adaptation of the pre-millennial F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)
Please go to our website and re-read the F.U.Q ...
by skamuf January 12, 2010
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