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A person who derives sexual gratification from observing the naked bodies or sexual acts of others, especially from a secret vantage point.
A lot of pervs get turned on by voyeurism
by Skaery December 13, 2005
Someone who likes watching someone have sex with their partner
by James March 10, 2003
The act of watching any personal act, including sexual acts.

I love watching strangers have sex. I'm way into voyeurism!
by jessica_pfox September 07, 2006
The only reason pornography exists and thrives. Well, at least that of nerdy teenage virgins.
Example Dialogue concerning Voyeurism:

Daniel Swartzburg: Watching others copulate? How repulsive and vile could one get? That's a sick, pathetic violation of basic human privacy and intimacy, which cheapens the value of sex, and turns fellow men into drooling, peeping, lecherous pigs! Be gone, filthy heathen!

Edward Johnson: -_- True, but it's also the reason you log in every Saturday to "study" assignments Kandi Cox through Olivia del rio...
by M.C.E.S. February 03, 2012
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