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A hotline for women to refer men to who rudely hit on them in front of their significant other, or just hit on them in general.
Girl 1: "This scrubby ass guy try getting my number today."

Girl 2: "You should've told him 1-800-I-WHOOP-ASS..."
by Silvermold November 21, 2011
(Zehs-Tee-Ass) A rank, dirty, sweaty, itchy ass; The act of not adequately scrubbing between the crevasses of an ass, resulting in one's hand smelling like taco seasoning when scratching their ass crack.
Girl 1: "What'd you do today?"

Girl 2: "Lots of laundry. I came across a pair of my boyfriend's briefs. They smelled like Zesty Ass."

Girl 1: "Why you be sniffin' his drawers?"
by silvermold November 20, 2011
(Korn-Er-Deck-Uhl) A very shiny, expensive, dressy shoe worn for special occasions like weddings, job interviews, and graduation ceremonies. The name 'cornerdeckle' comes from the sound they make while walking on hard surfaces.
Man: "Nice shoes!!!"

Dude: "They're actually cornerdeckles. I bought them for the wedding."

Man: "Where do I get a pair?"
by Silvermold November 20, 2011
A nacho flavored ass kicking; The act of engaging in a serious ass kicking. Instead of the ass whooper simply opening up a can of whoop ass, the ass whoopee partakes in a full course meal of a nacho flavored ass kicking.
Guy: "Why you mad bro?"

Bro: "Because I got fired and my boss won't give me my last check. He's about to eat a plate of ass-whoop-chos!!!"
by Silvermold November 20, 2011

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