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A term for Honda's valve timing system on most of their cars. Unfortunatly, it does not kick in until higher RPMs, thereby essetially doing nothing for acceleration. It's a poor excuse for losers in drag races.
I forgot to turn on my VTEC. *switches on foglights*
by Silverfox March 23, 2004
One who is uncircumcised with skin hanging excessively over the end of his bell.
James, your tez cock has ridiculous amounts of skin dangling from the top. You've got such an anteater penis!
by SilverFox September 19, 2014
One of the last remaining B-17G Flying Fortress bombers in exsistance. She's kept in the air by the Confederate Air Force, based in Midland, Texas.
Hey, Aluminum Overcast is going to be on display at the air show!
by Silverfox March 23, 2004
A charasmatic individual, an easy going person; a person who is respectable and at the same time deserving of respect. Often mistaken for a young Tom Cruise, Dwayne Johnson, or Pippi Longstocking. Responsible, loving, and attractive are all synoymous with Molthop. Well groomed; not hairy. Outspoken, yet savvy. An esteemed Caucasion with an aptitude for life much higher than your average citizen. A thrill seeker; adventurer. Life lover and caregiver. Some scholars have maintained that "Molthop" has been linked to several chapters within the Kama Sutra. There are over 130 different sexual postitions that were once called "Molthop" but have since changed to the postions that we know them as now.
Molthop: (to pretty gir/guyl) Hey......
Girl: Is your name......Mol....thop?
Molthop: Oui.
Girl: GASP!!! *faints.....
Molthop: Works every time....(walks off)
by siLveRfoX November 01, 2012
Noun. A stupid word that colm just made up
I would have some ghotio, please.
Since it's pronouced as 'fish'.
by Silverfox September 05, 2004
American car maker and the middle class section of Chrysler. Designed amazing cars in the late '70s and maker of decent cars today. Also designer of one of America's greatest sports cars, the Viper.
That Viper just kicked your ass, dude.
by Silverfox March 23, 2004
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