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A charasmatic individual, an easy going person; a person who is respectable and at the same time deserving of respect. Often mistaken for a young Tom Cruise, Dwayne Johnson, or Pippi Longstocking. Responsible, loving, and attractive are all synoymous with Molthop. Well groomed; not hairy. Outspoken, yet savvy. An esteemed Caucasion with an aptitude for life much higher than your average citizen. A thrill seeker; adventurer. Life lover and caregiver. Some scholars have maintained that "Molthop" has been linked to several chapters within the Kama Sutra. There are over 130 different sexual postitions that were once called "Molthop" but have since changed to the postions that we know them as now.
Molthop: (to pretty gir/guyl) Hey......
Girl: Is your name......Mol....thop?
Molthop: Oui.
Girl: GASP!!! *faints.....
Molthop: Works every time....(walks off)
by siLveRfoX November 01, 2012
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