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This is when you jack off and jizz in a small lotion bottle and leave it on your friends girlfriends or wifes bathroom sink for them to use in the future.
Man, Jose's wife is a hotty. I would love to slip her the man meat. Since I cant, the wonder lotion will be the next best thing. Hope she rubs me,err, it all over herself.
by Silk Brah March 28, 2008
The art of taking an empty glass jar opening it up and securing it tightly to an anus. Then when the anus it is against farts, quickly slid the lid over the jar without removing the jar more than half an inch from the asshole.

Man, I need to Fart Capture. I love to sniff them later.
by Silk Brah March 28, 2008
When a chic sucks your dick so long the head turns a bright red.
Damn Juanita gave me a dickhickey last night and the mofo is still fuckin red!
by Silk Brah March 28, 2008
This is when you tear out all those business reply flyers in magazines and send them to your buds to piss them off.
Juan is being a jerk off so I will give him the business. Wait til he gets those magazines, and porn catalogs in the mail, hahaha. Asshole.
by Silk Brah March 28, 2008

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