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When an author promices to sign a very large amount of pre-ordered books in an ever decreasing amount of time.
Symptoms include bad fashion sense, increase puff levels, RSI, and stunted youtube videos. Sypmtoms fade once book is released and signing - the cause - also stops.
2011 John Green's promise to sign all copies of pre-ordered 'TFIOS' (The Fault In Our Stars). Now he has Signing Madness.
by Shortcut888 October 19, 2011
A freaking amazing person who likes dwarf hamsters.

The name is rapidly becoming more and more popular (from 2000 onwards. In 2000 it was the 422nd most popular girls name. In 2011 it was 142nd)
Hey look, that's Alice, she likes dwarf hamsters. Coincidentally, that's the name of my new baby cousin, she looks like a bit of a hamster too.
by Shortcut888 May 15, 2012

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