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The spokesman for Blendtec, and the famous line "Will it Blend? That is the question."

The spokesman and phrase have taken off in a large way, and even Blendtec merchandise is available such as shirts with the slogan "Tom Dickson is my Homeboy".
Tom Dickson: Will is blend? that is the question"

viewers: YES?!

Tom Dickson: Now don't breath this!
by Shortbusguy44 May 14, 2007
A stick of butter rolled in chocolate powder mix and sandwiched between 2 toaster pastries.
Eric Cartman had one the episode he went to fat camp, cleverly entitled "fat camp"

Eric: Mom can you go make me a toaster pastry chocolate mix butter ball?
Ms. Cartman: im expecting company why dont you go make it yourself
Eric: god i have to do everything around here
by shortbusguy44 October 09, 2006
actually it was used in the Simpsons when the "pointy kitty" stole "daddys key". Ralph says this when the rat takes the police master key.
That pointy kitty took daddys key
by Shortbusguy44 May 10, 2007
Similar to a Columbian Necktie, only a slit is made above the penis, in the pubic area, and the above stated penis is pulled through the hole.
People who talk to much get columbian neckties.. but if you REALLY piss someone off, youre lookin at a columbian jockstrap
by Shortbusguy44 November 20, 2007
Personally i thought this term was popularized by "Cable Guy" (1996) not "school of Rock" the line is used by Jim Carrey
Cable Guy to Lelie in a lisp "He thinks your the cats pajamas"
by Shortbusguy44 April 01, 2007

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