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n. the marks made from a highlighting pen.
The textbook was filled with highlation.
by shoe April 27, 2004
The process of emphasis on a thing, generally with the use of a highlighter
Jim had to do some highlation that evening
#highlighter #underline #emphasize #draw attention #bring to light
by That Guy with the Highlighter November 19, 2010
Worthy of highlighting, grabbing attention to a written subject
Your very low IQ is highlation!
#to highlight #act of highlighting #highlight #lowlight #stupid
by T-Bone Tommy January 18, 2007
Pluralization of the plural form of highlights in reference to reading material
Cord- "Hey Jake, are you bringing your secondary sources to the World Lit final?"
Jake- "Yeah, I've got it all my highlations and I'm ready to go."
Cord- "Can I see your highlations to make my own highlations?"
Jake- "Sure thing man!"
Cord- "Sweet tits."
#highlighter #mark #highlight #high #light #cord #jake #chicken
by renegadeangel92 May 18, 2010
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