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the Chonglish
(n), (plural)
people living or staying in Chongland(s)
The Chonglish stole my name and used it for evil.
by Shineya Chong September 24, 2005
(n), (c)
1) someone from Chongland who repeatedly posts the same message in a message board or forum

2) someone of Korean descent who repeatedly demands an apology and compensation from Japan for his/her PostColonial Possession Stress Disorder

3) someone of Korean descent who lives by asking people for food and money
1) We’ve got a large number of Niddars in the 2ch BBS.
2) a sissy Niddar
3) the lazy Nidders on the Korean peninsula
by Shineya Chong October 07, 2005
(n), (u)
a behavioral characteristic that is found in people of Korean descent, that makes their country blindly and subserviently depend on the help or support of a stronger country in order to exist or be successful
In the latter part of the nineteenth century, aegukga split into pro-Chinese, pro-Japanese and pro-Russian factions struggling for supremacy over the others. As a result, Korea gave its sovereignty to the dominant regional power of the period, Japan.
by Shineya Chong October 01, 2005
(n), (c)
a highly sophisticated counterfeit US$100 bill from North Korea, which is much more accurate than Super-K circulated in Southeast Asia in the 1990s
Super-Xs are capable of fooling even electronic counterfeit detectors.
by Shineya Chong October 23, 2005
to repeatedly post the same message in a message board or forum
He's a born Niddar and knows nothing better than to niddarstamp like that.
by Shineya Chong October 07, 2005
(n), (c)
also kyonshii
a corpse who moves by making quick short jumps and seems to be a sleepwalker, and whose body is made to control by the Chinese Communist Party
1) The Jiangshis’ Republic of China!
2) Jiangshis harvest skin from the corpses of executed convicts to develop collagen for lip and wrinkle treatments.
by Shineya Chong October 23, 2005
noun, countable usually plural
1) a basic right that every person should have to be treated in a fair equal way without cruelty
2) the U.N. Commission on Human Rights
a Commission of the United Nations and whose members include China, Libya, Senegal, Sudan, and Zimbabwe all of which are notorious for gross violations of human rights
Mr. Doudou Diene (Senegal), Special Rapporteur of the Commission on Human Rights, was invited to Japan by the International Institute of the Juche Idea, a pro-Pyongyang organization. Go to North Korea!
by Shineya Chong November 10, 2005

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