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A country that noone knows anything about but they must be totally awesome as they pwned France in the World Cup.
Senegal: 1
France: 0
by Stef July 25, 2003
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The new African melting pot where one can find all kinda people.
The country that mesmerized the whole world during the 2002 world cup of football
If you want to know what receiving guests means, go in Senegal or you ask Eakon
by adam January 29, 2005
The most amazing Person that a tree could have ever met. Often referred to as Pixie, Midget, Senegalitana or Sushi. Word that stands for intelligence and beauty. She is so amazing that even Freeman himself stands in her shadow. A person that is loved more than anyone else by Forest.
Look at that Senegal over there, wow she is Freemantastic!
by Forest Sid December 18, 2013
poor african country that is known as one of the most corrupt in the world. hope of amazing rainforests along the gambia river. team that is surprisngly good in futbol.
senegal was in the world cup.
by WackedOutFutbolPlayer February 01, 2007
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