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12 definitions by Sherry

shy, goddess
Indian translation
by sherry December 12, 2003
131 31
To Bring Magic in the Gathering of Few Great Men. No women.
David Banner: Wow can you feel the MKK.

Wing Wa Jones: Its the sensation of acknowledging supreme greatness.

B K Jones: You ain't kidding.
by Sherry April 20, 2004
74 22
Transylvania talk for "what". Usually used by a couple of teenage girls who have nothing better to do other than talking weird.
Vampire 1:Garleec ees so good!

Vampire 2: Vhat
by Sherry September 23, 2004
52 18
A small town in New Jersey where about 8 million Hasidic jews currently reside.
while driving, we have to dodge people in the streets of lakewood
by Sherry January 02, 2005
112 80
this is a word created by george bush(also see w or john kerry-antonym on august 21, 2001... as quoted by usa today.
it refers to trees. or at least it did until arbo-tree-ist came into existence. see arbo-tree-ist.
"arbolist...look up the word. i don't know, maybe i made it up. anyway, it's an arbo-tree-ist, somebody who knows about trees."
by sherry November 06, 2004
27 10
w made up this word, similar to the word which is its predecessor, arbolist.

somebody who knows about trees, derivitive perhaps from the original: arborist.
dick cheney told me i was the leader of the nation so i think i'll make up a word about trees. when one already exists.
by sherry November 06, 2004
28 18
a person who acts, does, or says something absolutly stupid
when i hit myself in the face with a phone at work and gave myself a fat bloody lip
by sherry November 06, 2004
13 5