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Like radar, but drivin round lookin for skaters
''I got my skadar on lets go by the bandshell''
by Shay March 23, 2004
This is a Chicago based word meaning someone male or female who always wanna drink or smoke with you but never put in on it!
A man watch him around your dro' he a haggala 4 real.
by Shay December 17, 2004
When a hoe wanna fight anotha female but they both woofin
When a hoe wanna fight anotha female and they both woofin
by Shay March 15, 2005
1. A fine person

2. a fast girl
1. Dayummmmmmm he'z hot!

2. I kno u seen dat lil hot hoe all up on mah man in da club last nite
by Shay March 27, 2004
A Chi-town based word usually pertaining to a male or female friend with benefits basically meaning you can have a booty call with this person and and then go back home to your MAIN guy/girl and have no ties what so ever with them. Also they never know where you live or even have the number to your main line of communication Cell, two-way, blackberry, e.t.c.
Girl I'm about to go meet up with my honey dip real quick so I'll call you when I get home.
by Shay September 08, 2005
(Houston Slang) Meaning to leave in a hurry
Shit, when tha laws beat on that front doe, me and Justin juiced ot' that back doe and ova tha fence!
by Shay June 10, 2006
Retarded Dumb Ass
Can u Believe he did dat?!?!!?!?!?!? that damn RDA....
by Shay June 19, 2004

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