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19 definitions by Shay

A Red haired carrot head. Other Names include: Ginger, Gorgie ginger pubes & carrot head.
"Haha You fucking morange!"
by shay February 25, 2004
11 27
1) the gabelli residence hall at boston college...specifically the 4th floor
2) a group of boston college seniors (SG, LG, EL, RC, AD, JM, NS) with a love for all things g
*note -- said group is easily able to consume an entire handle of ggg gordons vodka on any given occasion
"these g unit girls just wanna have fuuuun"
by shay April 10, 2005
23 40
a hardworker, yet lazy terrible bike rider. He loves flirting with girls.
not ur ass again right?
u should bend down and they'll give u a ride.
by Shay April 05, 2005
4 67
when someone is really extremely ugly and they will never have any status in the dating universe.
a gremlin, a heffer, and a person with braces, really bad acne, or disgusting looking clothes
by shay February 25, 2005
2 71
Ghetto as hell...that all i gatta say..'GHETTO'
Britney Thinks she ghetto cuz she lived in minneapolis since she was two!

Someone Bitchin out britney about being ghetto: Dont try and act like your all Ghetto!

Britney: I AM GHETTO! i lived in minneapolis!
by Shay March 16, 2005
43 185