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Freakishly HUGE breasts that are beyond what is normally considered large, generally sagging down to the lower abdomen.
"Man, did you see the tits on that bitch? I had to run to avoid being buried by a MAMMALANCHE!"
by Shane Ivory January 02, 2010
A black person that closely resembles someone who is not African American. Almost a twin, but with darker skin.
Holy crap! That black dude looks JUST like a black version of YOUR cracker ass! It's your dopplenigger!
by shane ivory February 03, 2010
1. Pants or shorts that are worn down low in "Gangsta" Fashion, sometimes exposing the underwear.

2. Pants worn low to catch the poo that falls out of retard "gangstas" ass.
Shit man, first you start tipping your cap to the side, and now you're wearing POO CATCHERS? Sorry bra, but I cant be seen with you.
by Shane Ivory January 03, 2010
The act of snorting a drug. This can apply to cocaine or even pills that are smashed into a powder.
Hey bro, lets smash up that last Ritalin and do a couple of snout blasters.
by Shane Ivory January 03, 2010
The act of smoking pot simultaneously with a far away friend while chatting on line in real time. This originated with normal on line chats, but it can also apply to video chats and even text messages.
"Hey bro, I think a cyber toke is in order, grab your sack and lets rip some chronic after the countdown!....3....2....1...." exhale!
by Shane Ivory January 02, 2010
The act of a Man Aggressively having sex in a speedy fashion.
Man, I really tattered her ass the other night!
by Shane Ivory January 03, 2010
An out of shape man with long hair. Sometimes Flabios will actually go shirtless and showcase their sub par physique. They aim to be like Fabio, who is also pretty lame, but they are far worse.
Hey, get a load of the Flabio on the beach!
by shane ivory February 03, 2010

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