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A rebel; one who defaces public property simply for the purpose of showing dislike of authority.
Did you see that terrorist? He's a Reid alright.
by ShadowMan April 30, 2004
A phrase from an old NES game called Bokasuka Wars (which is regarded as the worst game ever by many). Whenever the player lost the game (which was quite often), the words "WOW, YOU LOSE" appaeared on-screen.
Player: *loses game*
by ShadowMan February 15, 2004
A day that comes once every month to two months where Joey, an administrator at Hocus*Pocus, pulls a mass-scale prank, which usually involves spam-mailing people.

As of writing this definiton, only 2 Prank Days have occured:

Prank Day 2003- Mass emailing of McDonalds
Prank Day 2004- Mass emailing of Microsoft under name of President
"2 days until Prank Day"
by ShadowMan August 07, 2004
The folder where wierd source code to a random program is stored by Cyph.
Snarbub?! WTH is this n00b
by Shadowman April 11, 2005
Weirdo that plauges people and sites, Seems to hang around Portsmouth Area until migration comes when it heads north in search of cold.
spoted on: DDRUK, DDREI (rarely), Shadowman.TK, DDREX, B3ta (Sometimes), and various hats.
"That wanker Shadowman just stole my hat"
by Shadowman June 30, 2004

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