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used to emphasise/agree and/or add on to a comment that someone else has just made
ow ow manda u sexy biotch
A: damn shes HOTT
B: ow ow
by sexybitch March 08, 2005
saying made popular by Jordan Forget
means yeah, that's it, basically, ect.
"so we pretty much just beat that mongoose"

"beer is better than coolers right?"
"pretty much yeah"
by sexybitch June 07, 2005
To drop that ass on the floor and get it krunk.Also a song by snoop dogg
when da pimps in da crib ma:
Drop it like itz hot(repeat 3x)
When them pigs try to get u:
park it like its hot(repeat 3x)
And if a nigga get a attitude:
pop it like its hot (repeat 3x)
by sexybitch January 26, 2005
when someone is satign they are fine when really they are implying they are
F ucked up
I nsecure
N erotic
E emotional
I'm f.i.n.e
so ur fucked up, insecure, nerotic, and emotional
ya :S
by sexybitch March 08, 2005
popular nickname for emily
a cute way of addressing a person named emily who is atractive, sexy, or a close friend.
1. hows it going?
not bad and you?
not so good i lost $20
awwwww poor emie

2. hey sexy
hey emie
hows it going babe?

by sexybitch March 27, 2005
slang for moving really quickly
"damn look at that guy"
"ya he's hauling"
by sexybitch March 08, 2005
Phrase made popular by Paris Hilton
used to express like or love for something. Like saying I love it just abbreviated.
that's hot
i like it
love it
how about we go for ice cream?

luvs it
by sexybitch April 05, 2005

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