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Ploop is the sound as well as the action.

Poop, and makes a sound when it hits the water, is ploop. it reflects the sound as well as what it is and what was done.
I stood high over the toilet and took a ploop.....
by Donny January 17, 2005
The sound that a turd makes when it splashes in the toilet.
I took a large dump and every time my turd fell in the water it made a (ploop)ing sound.
by Ryan Adams April 28, 2006
The sound that is made when you have let a gigantic piece of feces, poop, shit, or crap fall out of your butt and into the toilet. Mostly likely the poop has been held in for a long LONG time.
When can I use the bathroom? In a minute. Ploop! Uh oh! What? We gonna need a new toilet! EWWWW!
by thundershck October 06, 2010
When the feces hits the water and makes a "ploop" sound.
I just took a ploop. Mary is plooping.
by Joeroxor March 16, 2010
aka Ploop! and can accompanied by an index-finger-tap-in-the-air hand gesture, can mean, 'so there!' or 'there you have it...,' a colloquialism brought to fame by Real Housewives of Atlanta's Nene Leakes on Andy Cohen's show Watch What Happens Live.
And I told Kim was was up! Ploop!
by psychicpopstar January 23, 2011
The lower part of your eyelid.
"Did you shave your ploop today?"
"Ouch that'd hurt."

"Did you know, when your mad you wiggle your ploop?"
by womanizerrrrr101010101 February 24, 2010
variation of plop.
a plop that causes water to fly up and smack your ass...leaving you cleansed and refreshed.
i forgot to wipe my ass cheeks... that ploop really got me that time!
by sexybitch June 05, 2003
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