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Ploop is the sound as well as the action.

Poop, and makes a sound when it hits the water, is ploop. it reflects the sound as well as what it is and what was done.
I stood high over the toilet and took a ploop.....
by Donny January 17, 2005
122 32
The sound that a turd makes when it splashes in the toilet.
I took a large dump and every time my turd fell in the water it made a (ploop)ing sound.
by Ryan Adams April 28, 2006
80 41
The sound that is made when you have let a gigantic piece of feces, poop, shit, or crap fall out of your butt and into the toilet. Mostly likely the poop has been held in for a long LONG time.
When can I use the bathroom? In a minute. Ploop! Uh oh! What? We gonna need a new toilet! EWWWW!
by thundershck October 06, 2010
16 15
aka Ploop! and can accompanied by an index-finger-tap-in-the-air hand gesture, can mean, 'so there!' or 'there you have it...,' a colloquialism brought to fame by Real Housewives of Atlanta's Nene Leakes on Andy Cohen's show Watch What Happens Live.
And I told Kim was was up! Ploop!
by psychicpopstar January 23, 2011
13 19
When the feces hits the water and makes a "ploop" sound.
I just took a ploop. Mary is plooping.
by Joeroxor March 16, 2010
6 12
The lower part of your eyelid.
"Did you shave your ploop today?"
"Ouch that'd hurt."

"Did you know, when your mad you wiggle your ploop?"
by womanizerrrrr101010101 February 24, 2010
8 14
variation of plop.
a plop that causes water to fly up and smack your ass...leaving you cleansed and refreshed.
i forgot to wipe my ass cheeks... that ploop really got me that time!
by sexybitch June 05, 2003
28 34