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Ass to Mouth. The practice of sticking your penis up the butt and then sticking it in the mouth.
I gave her an A.T.M. Or, "Sorry, I'm late..., Shannon made me go to the A.T.M."
by Sethzky September 05, 2008
A person, (usually a redneck) who dresses as a hip hop gangster and acts tough. Also, anyone who partakes in shady deals and tries to rip people off.
I used to work for that guy, but he ripped me off, that "White Trash Nigger!" or, Don't go to that club, it's full of, "White Trash Niggers."
by Sethzky September 05, 2008
Someone who takes a lot of shits.
He's taking another shit? Man, that guy's the king of stools.
by Sethzky September 05, 2008
Music that's so technically difficult to play that it sounds like shit to the average listener.
I'm sure this is hard to play, but this Math Rock crap sounds like shit.
by Sethzky September 05, 2008
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