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1. No money
2. completely devoid of something
1. Dont ask Flip, he's air
2. Sorry, I'm out of smokes, I'm air
by seth November 17, 2003
grosse ass porn when guys shoot there load all over the girls face and she ends up smelling like old goat cheese
that girl stinks i bet she just got done with a bookaki shot
by seth October 20, 2003
Toans "word"
Yar. I hear that!
by Seth January 30, 2004
Not Djb or DJB but sometimes d~J~b. Looks better in dresses than I do. ._.
djb is on slsk. Quinne wants to rape him for being pretty cause she's a skank.
by Seth August 06, 2004
boys named kev and fern together masturbating..but only semi..
kev and fern together masturbating..like the defination..DUH
by Seth April 11, 2005
The 4th Quentin Tarantino film. Is divided into two parts Vol 1 and Vol 2. Vol 1 barely has a plot and script but it has the most amazing action sequences. Vol 2 has more of a story and script but I personally think it fails in comparison to the amazing Vol 1.
I didn't hate Kill Bill Vol 2 I just thought it wasn't as good as Vol 1 and David Carradine as Bill put me to sleep.
by Seth May 03, 2004
Term of endearment; such as "bro", "homey", "kidd" or "nigga".
Could also be used to describe in-aminite objects. (Also spelled cuntee)
Give me my fucking rolling papers cunty (cuntee)
by Seth January 06, 2005

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