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19 definitions by Sebastian

A homosexual act defined by one male "smuggling" the fecal matter in another male's anus with his penis.
Will and I smuggled each other's turds all night before we realized we had missed our Bette Midler concert.
by Sebastian December 06, 2003
thighs that rub together in a fashion that makes binty girate
dawn french sports a pair
by sebastian February 18, 2004
A dog with a big head from Invader zim that scares everyone away.
*Madness appears and eats egg on floor**Zim and GIR scream and run away.*
by Sebastian May 07, 2004
To force yourself to stop by forceing yourself into any near by object(i.e. tree, wall, boulder.) when moveing at high speeds
-OMG Jimmy isn't slowing down going down the hill.
-What do we do?!?!
-I know. Jimmy!!! Listen to me you aren't slowing down, so your gonna have to Sonny Bono it.
by Sebastian April 21, 2004
A clothing store for mostly
metro sexual males and slutty females... usually teens. There store on several occasions has been sued due to racial descrimination. Over priced cheaply made clothing, usually sporting the name of the store in huge bold lettering.
On my birthday my gf gave me a pair of 60 dollar (they had pre-torn holes in them) abercrombie and fitch jeans. Subsiquently I took my pair of brand new levis which cost 20 dollars and tore holes in them myself. Afterward I set the abercrombie jeans a blaze for her to see the disrespect she showed me and dumped her. Dont worry thoe I patched up my levis and turned them into bitchen denim shorts so everything turned out alright in the end.
by Sebastian July 26, 2005