A person who speaks their mind, no matter what the cost, as they just don't care. If you wish to take on the binty, then be prepared for fun if you're an open minded, sarcastic individual, or horror if you're an individual of limited debating capacity....
That Binty on Project Rockstar kicked my ass!!
by Gnasher1001 April 24, 2007
not quite damp, not quite moist
Turn on the fan when you take a shower, otherwise the towels get binty!

From sitting at my desk all day, my balls are totally binty.
by rossmart October 07, 2004
A binty is a bird who does little other than look pretty. Typically short, blonde, slim and curvaceous (brain optional).
Sarah Michelle Gellar
by Bob March 23, 2005
A more cute name for a vagina
ow, you punched my binty!
by NessaS February 17, 2009

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