20 definitions by Sebastian

Masturbation, wanking, tossing off, spanking the monkey.
At night I like to get into bed and do the daily chore before rolling over to go to sleep.
by Sebastian February 06, 2005
Someone who MOST DEFINATLY isnt a townielistens to any form of rock music or simular stuff.One who is a mix between Punk/Skater/Goth/Grunger and maybe slighty hippish :-D
Likes to wear "baggy" tousers,black,eyeliner...and anything they fucking want too.
Can't imagine existance without music.
People who have an urge to kill any Townie they see...COS THEY SUCK !
.Dosnt really give that much of a fuck wat people think..maybe slightly insane.
Seb Grunthker~ "I like anything that townies hate..i love the whole Punk/Skater/Goth/Grunger lifestyle and taste.I dont give a Fuck wat those bastard think...I live how i want too.I love Rock music.... i have no fucking idea wat i am .....i know I'lll make up a new word to describe myself..Yey..KILL A RUDIE!"
by Sebastian July 20, 2004
quite possibly the coolest people on the planet.
Only true rockin dudes can rock like dudes.
by Sebastian November 03, 2003
The true definition of douchebag. One that is cheap and easily replaceable. A person that has horrid body odor that needs better hygiene. No one wants this person around..EVER.. They are easily bought with cheap candy and a sorry excuse for a human being. People like to throat punch these people as hard as they can and take out their frustrations on them as if they are their exes or nemesis. This person usually drives large automobiles to compensate for their extremely microscopic..well..you should know the human anatomy..
That dumbass is a real Dr Passmann
by SEBASTIAN March 04, 2015
the state of being grumpy
Emily, quit being so poopy!
by Sebastian February 10, 2005
A derogatory term describing a whiny, pathetic person. Often used for making fun of sore losers and friends who leave parties or other social functions too early because of a member of the opposite sex that the Merse is trying to bang.Also very useful for describing a pussy who can't eat/drink/party as much as their friends.
1. Wow, Levi and Jesse are such fucking Merses.
2. Holy shit, we really beat those fucking Merses at fooseball. I thought they were going to cry.
3. Wow, she really has his balls in her purse.. he's such a Merse!
4. I can't believe those Murses ditched the party to go try and get laid with those ho's!
by Sebastian June 15, 2006
Sebastian ; None but Sebastian.
Thats Capn' carl fool!!
by Sebastian January 03, 2005
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