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The only state in the country where the further north you go, the further south you get. Also a lovely place to retire.
If I retire rich, I will probably live in or around Miami, but if I retire poor, I'll probably retire up North near the panhandle, in a trailor, with my dog Rufus. someone kill me
by SeanH February 18, 2005
A legal hand job performed by a massousse.
If you go to a massousse and she asks you if you would like hand release, say yes and enjoy.
by SeanH October 07, 2004
One who allows many men to penetrate and or ejaculate in their vagina/anus.
Tom: your mom is a sperm recepticle
Bob: fuck you Tom
by SeanH September 30, 2004
One who has derived great wealth from any activity relating to religion.
I'm practicing my acting skills so I can go on TV and preach to poor people and morons. I'll have them all write me checks and I will soon be a religionaire just like the pope.
by SeanH August 13, 2008
A hooker, whore, prostitute. Term usually used to describe whores in big cities such as New York and Chicago because they stand and wait for customers in traffic tunnels.
"Hey Dad, Let's go into the city and check out the tunnel bunnies; you're paying this time!"
by SeanH October 05, 2004
1. One who has an insatiable appetite for the female genitalia. 2. The condition of a habit relating to vagina 3. One who needs vagina very frequently and in large amounts.

Habits include but not limited to: fucking, licking, poking, pinching, punching, tasting, testing, tickling, sucking, downloading, and looking at vagina.
My name is Sean H. and I am a vaginaholic.
by SeanH September 09, 2007
A thick meaty penis that has a salty flavor.
"honey, I'm hungry."

"Here... have a chubby pickle, dear"
by SeanH September 30, 2004

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