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One who has derived great wealth from any activity relating to religion.
I'm practicing my acting skills so I can go on TV and preach to poor people and morons. I'll have them all write me checks and I will soon be a religionaire just like the pope.
by SeanH August 13, 2008
Religious, wealthy, privileged, self-focused, self-serving, self-righteous, Conservative Republican-Americans who believe they have the right to push their personal Biblical morals and financial agendas on everyone else.

Religionaires are against women's rights and gay equality.
Religionaires don't care about the elderly and/or disabled.
Religionaires are WAY OUT OF TOUCH with the average American citizen, and selfishly believe that we're stupid enough to accept their mindset or vote them into office.
by Scrappy SamCat November 07, 2012
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