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4 definitions by Sean Seibert

americanized version of rastafari, is a "ska" performer or singer, practices only certain parts of rastafarism
EL SEANO is a total skastafari name.
Lets be skastafari(s) with him and go party, and play some muthafucking ska!
by Sean Seibert October 15, 2007
groovy with a jive twist to it, exclamatory word for something that is infinitely great
Dude Less Than Jake was so struvy!
Yah man last night was the most amazing night ever!
by Sean Seibert October 15, 2007
masturbation, crazy jerking of the penis, beastly masturbation
Early Monday morning, Chuck Norris was found Miking-it like a beast in the center aisle at Winn-Dixie.
by Sean Seibert October 15, 2007
the stimulation of the genitals (both male and female), Masturbation, Spankin the monkey silly.
Dude did you hear Mike pittin it in the closet?
Yah bra, rite in the middle of math!
by Sean Seibert October 15, 2007