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1) The thing that hides under your bead when you are from ages 4-8, or later if you're weird...
2) A big-ass thing that's in a shitload of really bad horror movies, used to scare people.
Daddy daddy! There's a monster under my bed!!!
Godzilla is a monster
by Seamus McCabe February 08, 2004
The act of being thrown out of a window.
DUDE! That dead guy on the side walk was totally defenestrated!
by Seamus McCabe August 01, 2004
Almost no choice of chicks/dudes to date in a certain group of people.
Dude, all the chicks in my class are fugly! That's slim pickins dude...
Dude, there are only three girls in this room and like 17 guys. Slim pickins man....
by Seamus McCabe August 01, 2004
To shit one's pants; dumping a load in the wrong place at the wrong time.
When I was in first grade, I imbulbitated a lot.
by Seamus McCabe October 10, 2004
An electronic device which keeps you within a certain range of your parents.
see cell phone
Dude, my dad gave me this electric leash so he can call me if I'm goin anywhere he doesn't want me goin.
by Seamus McCabe August 01, 2004
The feeling I get when I look at you.
Jesus Christ! Your face is the scariest fucking thing I've ever seen!!!
by Seamus McCabe February 08, 2004
What you do every time you have sex.
Last night I cummed all over my g/f
by Seamus McCabe February 08, 2004

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