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A sprawling stain of concrete, dirt, liqour stores, and angry people who yell at you in a language you can't even understand. The entire city is covered in a reddish-gray haze between the hours of 5 to 8 PM. (then it gets dark). The only place in america with an amusement park right next to giant, polluting oil refineries that spew toxic water into the drinking water of millions of mexicans who actually drink out of the Rio Grande.

Go there and you'll understand why the Mars Volta writes such fucked-up music.
Person 1: "Lets Go To El Paso!"

Person 2: "No thanks, I Choose Life"
by Seamonkey August 20, 2005
City in southern New Mexico. The place the first atomic bomb should have been dropped on... But they missed by about a 100 miles. Hopefully the wind brought some fallout though. Home to Holloman Air Force Base, angry right wing nuts, and not much else.
Things to do in Alamogordo:
Mcdonalds (inside Walmart)
by Seamonkey August 20, 2005
Anachronism for "fucking waste of time". Can be applied to anyone, anything, anywhere, anytime
"Let's get out of this club, it's fwot"

"He didn't call me back. Fwot"
by seamonkey May 08, 2014
Any loser who's favorite movie sucks (like Dude Where's My Car?) Someone who gets word watching American Psycho.
I just saw that HklPro show some word to his luva "the Virus"
by SeaMonkey March 30, 2003

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