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Elbow skin
Sam works hard and is constantly scraping his elbows. Sam has some very scared wenises.
by scott anderson January 07, 2004
A cross between chicken and pork. usually unidentifiable as to whether pork or chicken is the dominant meat in a particular piece of chork.
Chork is usually served on tuesdays with the cheapass fajitas, when the lunch ladies are to lazy to fix us a proper meal.
by Scott Anderson December 29, 2003
1.) Cantelope without a father.
2.) Antelope without a father
1.) After Dave, a cantalope, ripened he fell to the ground. Afterwords the farmer cut down his tree making Dave a Bastantalope
2.) Sam the antelope was born out of wedlock, after his birth his father split and Sam became a Bastantalope.
by scott anderson January 05, 2004
A coconut without a father
Dave was a fake coconut therefore he is a bastoconut
by scott anderson January 07, 2004
testicle without a Father
Edna had a sex change, therefor she had fake testicles making them bastrates.
by scott anderson January 07, 2004
(N.) A fat person caught in a peculiar situation.
Adam, the heavyweight, was in an attribiquix when his pants fell off into an elavator shaft as he entered a baby shower.
by Scott Anderson December 29, 2003
The condition of having a crusty wenis.
if you dont kno what a wenis is look it up.
by scott anderson January 07, 2004
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