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Duh its the totally pimped out gangstariffic form of bitch that is incomparable. It can be used in a threatening, sexual, loving, friendly, derogatory, and etcetera, way.
Sexual: A) Yep.. that bizznatch needs to get in my pants and start gettin nnaaassssty.
B)When applied after the loving example: Lets have some little bizznatchs together and we can name them "bizz," "fucking," and "natch"
Loving: Aw, your such a cute little bizznatch.
Friendly: Hey bizznatch thanks fo' the hos last night, yous a great friend. Yep, fo sho.
Derogatory: Billy-That little fucking bizznatch couldn't even get my penorz up, what a dyke mofo douche!
Frank- Dude, you refer to your penis as a penorz? What a faggoty bizznatch you are!

Etc. usage: Muddafucka bizznatchbikkadickadamabbdaOHSHITSON

A sandwich made with shrimp, eggs and spinach.
"We're packing for the picnic. Whaddaya want in your sandwich."

"I dunno, do we have enough ingredients for bizznatches?"
by Gifty Who Stalks April 29, 2009
bitch with an extra "zzna" added
Fo shizzle my nizzle off da hizzay bizznatch
by Scott Anderson December 29, 2003
bizznatch means nasty biotch. :-D
O man tanya is such a nasty biotch the way she likes to teabag.
or you could say
O man tanya is such a bizznatch the way she likes to teabag.
by FlaminHotCheeto May 11, 2005
large, annoying and ugly. Frequently used as an insult.
you f***ing Bizznatch!
by binary hero December 07, 2001
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