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2 definitions by Schmokel

Another, more entertaining term for the "Emo Swoop". When one's hair is parted off to the side, covering one eye with hair in a 'swooping' manner, sometimes this 'swoop' is dyed colorfully while the rest of the hair is dyed black.
The term 'Suicide Swoop' comes from the fact that emo kids are often "suicidial" (being an attention whore). Thus, a perfect way to put an emo kid with a swoop down.
Guy 1: "What the fuck is that suppost to be?"
Guy 2: "A suicide swoop."
Guy 1: "You mean an emo swoop?"
Guy 2: "Same fucking thing"
by Schmokel March 22, 2007
The nasty burps that some people get while smoking cigarettes that taste like smoke and ass. You won't know how bad it is until you experience it for yourself.
Guy 1: *Burp* Urg, that was nasty.
Guy 2: What was?
Guy 1: That ciggie burp.
Guy 2: What's so bad about that?
Guy 1: You won't know till it happens to you.
by Schmokel October 12, 2007