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To lose the plot - usually with a lot of cursing, swearing and wild gesticulating.
"Bob is going completely berko over that mistake!"
"His team lost the match and he just went berko!"
"If I don't get served next I'm going to go berko!"
by Schlub September 30, 2007
Someone who is sick / ill / under the weather. Usually used as a term of endearment.
Poor little sickling! I hope you get better soon.
by Schlub July 15, 2009
A misinterpretation of the phrase "much of a muchness".
Person 1: Do you prefer the red or the crimson colour?

Person 2: Either one, it's much over muchness.

Person 1: Uh... I think you mean 'much of a muchness'.

Person 2: That's what I said.

Person 1: No, it's "of a" not "over" - subtle difference. Next you'll say "would of" instead of "would've" or "would have".
by schlub April 25, 2010
Everything in the world is "eatable" if you break it down small enough. Not to be confused with edible which generally implies it is fit to eat.

Many people have eaten things that are not edible i.e. bicycles, televisions, shopping trolleys, glass, wood, toys etc.
If I chop this bicycle into tiny pieces it will be eatable!

That food you made barely looks eatable, let alone edible.
by schlub May 26, 2008

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