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7 definitions by Sauceman

A treacherous, nasty, dangerous person or thing you should steer clear of.
I avoid visits with my wife's family as my evil mother-in-law is a rolling ball of butcher knives.
by Sauceman December 27, 2004
A really thin dick or cock. More flacid than a needle dick.
The sorority girls laughed at their friends surprising post date story about the drunk jock's pathetic string dick.
by Sauceman January 21, 2005
A being of pure Sauce with ultimate powers of amazement
Sauceman is amazing, I love him.
by Sauceman January 10, 2004
A three dimensional skidmark or giant moist dingleberry.
Those enchiladas left a funky treasure in my shorts which caused major chaffing problem as I walked down the beach. Often requires a check wipe
by Sauceman January 12, 2005
A major break down and/or collaspe with ugly conotations. Usually used to describe market activity.
The stock market really shit in the bed today after the release poor jobs data.
by Sauceman December 27, 2004
A flood through the lower G.I. tract/colon after the constipation/blockage breaks free. See assplosion
I had notshitin a week but the greasy breakfast and large pot of coffee this AM sparked a messy dam break by mid AM.
by Sauceman January 12, 2005
The gelatinous, slimy, filthy, gravy that coats the streets and gutters of Manhattan after a steamy summer rain. It is nasty on the nose and both slippery and treacherous on the feet.
I busted my ass getting out of the cab after my foot slipped on a steaming gob of urban gravy.
by Sauceman January 13, 2005