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alcoholic beverage, or shot of whiskey. (Scottish) Short version for "a swallow of"
"Let's bob over to the pub for a swally after the match."
by Sascha October 07, 2004
UK slang meaning to take off your clothes; a request that is purely sexual in nature.
"Have you seen her since she lost weight? I wouldn't mind getting her kit off."
by Sascha October 07, 2004
acronym for one's wife or girlfriend, stands for: She Who Must Be Obeyed
"I won't be going to the pub later, swimbo says I'm to paint the baby's nursery today."
by Sascha October 07, 2004
derogatory term for a woman who perspires heavily and has awful body odour
"I was trapped in the lift this morning with an right Sweaty Betty. I could barely keep my lunch down, the stench was so bad."
by Sascha October 07, 2004
n. my friend orville thomas
grundelwolf is drinking at the bar tonight.
by sascha March 09, 2004
of or possesing an intellect of such a low standing that it is considered sub-retarded, or raytarded.
"shit, you aren't even smart enough to be retarded, you're fuckin' raytarded"
by Sascha May 27, 2003
of lower intellectual standings than a retard, a raytard.
I am a raytard because i messed up the pronunciation (RAY-tard, not ray-TARD-ed) and mispelled possessing in my first post.
by Sascha May 29, 2003
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