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High School kids who have to ride the bus, whose parents are too poor to buy them a car, and who have no friends with cars. Hence called 'bussers'. Looked down at by those who have cars to drive to school. Often lumped into the overall term: Baggers and Bussers
One high school kid to another: Here come the bussers. (as a bus empties students in front of a school)

Another: Mommy and Daddy are too poor to buy them cars.
by sarasplayroom.com July 13, 2009
Jerking off and cumming or getting a handjob and cumming
One Girl to Another: Guys just spend way too much time striking white oil

Another: I know, imagine if they took all the time they spent spanking and spent it doing something more productive

Girl: The world might be a better place

Another: Hmmm, or worse, because they'd be more sexually frustrated....
by sarasplayroom.com August 27, 2009
Acronym for GROW OLD ALONE and DIE. A term especially used in online dating, where those who are not getting live dates out of their online dating profiles become more and more desperate, fearing they may become totally dateless and mateless, the dreaded GOAD.
Anxious woman to another: Will you please check my online dating profiles and pictures if I send you the links? Tell me your honest opinion! If I don't start getting some dates, I'm going to end up being a GOAD!!!
by sarasplayroom.com July 03, 2009
Speaking in Texting Language or Texting itself.
Text-ese will soon become a language unto itself and will leave those behind who do not know how to use text-ese or know what the acronyms and slang mean.
by sarasplayroom.com October 09, 2009
The type of swimming pool that attracts hot chicks a/k/a pussies to a pool party or to hang out by the pool. Pools with built in spas, custom shapes, fountains, waterfalls, water slides, built in wave action or hotel or resort pools with different themes are especially known to attract pussies.
One guy to another: Danny is having a pool party at his place Saturday nite

Another: Major pussy pool! There will definitely be plenty of hot pussy action at his party.
by sarasplayroom.com November 23, 2009
Text-ese for Too Fucking Funny
Texter: We made the frat pledges do the Double Dutch Rudder on each other, then we tossed the first rudder cummer

Response: OMG LMAO 2FF
by sarasplayroom.com October 09, 2009
A guy who likes to skeet in hot tubs and swimming pools
Girl #1: Do not go into the hot tub after T. has been in it, he stealth masturbates under the bubbles

Girl #2: Ewww gross

Girl #1: Sperm whale alert!
by sarasplayroom.com April 04, 2010

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