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to grab-a-bite basicly means to get some food or to eat something.
Jeff: Oh goddamnit, I'm starving. I gotta go to Charcoal's Grill and grababite!
by Santacruzshores January 11, 2006
A comfort stop is when you go to the toilet for whatever reason, e.g. if you have to drop off a deuce, go for a slash or a line of coke
Rather used by older women
Tour guide: Ok gents, does anyone need a comfort stop?
Dude: Oh hell yeah, I have to piss like a racehorse, bitch!
by Santacruzshores January 06, 2006
For the ass is a phrase that means that something is completly useless.
Eamon: Oh goddamnit, I got so wasted last nite I threw up 3 times!
Thomas: Damn, than your whole day was for the ass!

Olli: Fuck man, I crashed my Lambo today!
Henner: So your bloody car is for the fuckin ass now!
by Santacruzshores January 07, 2006
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