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A dandruff covered cowlick that results from rolling out of bed and going directly to work without combing one's hair.
"Wow Billy, that's some olli you've got going on today! You look like you stuck your finger in an electrical outlet!"
by H. W. Jablome March 07, 2012
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A rare finnish name, usually given to exceptionally mighty and promising babies.

Nicknames to this great great name:
Olski, Oltsi, Oltsikka etc.

Olli is a nick name used by Väinö Nuorteva.

Olli Lounasmaa (born 1930)
A great finnish physics professor. Has lead the cold-laboratory workgroup of finnish technical High-school.
He has done research about brainmagnetism and built supra-conductor SQUID-sensor based brainmagnetometers.
He was awarded with international Fritz London -award and was chosen to a member of Scienve-academy of the United States of America (God bless those bastards).
One of the mighty Ollies was boy with cool Elvis-Style hair when born (under a rainbow and with a golden spoon stuck in his butt).
by Åke April 26, 2006
a boat.
Look at that olli! It's like a boat!
by Katie Wang June 04, 2009

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