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90 definitions by Samantha

material that goes around your legs
i wear pants.
Do you?
by samantha August 09, 2004
a slang term for sex
yea, this weekend ryan and i finally made bow wow...!
by samantha May 06, 2004
this name means pretty, intelligent, and doesnt let her gaurd down. SHe is the bestest friend a person can have and always knows when to help you or not. She sometimes can be moodly but keep trying to talk to her and she will finally losen up. But like i said she is the bestest friend a person could have and for guys she is a really great girl friend to have.
Isant calya hinzpeter the bestest friend you could have?
by Samantha October 20, 2004
Bladder - organ that contains pee
Excuse me, but I have to go empty my weenis.

I have a weenis infection.
by Samantha January 27, 2004
A nerd that also exhibits the personality of a nerd.
Chris you are such a Jerdy Nerk!
by Samantha March 18, 2004
mad cool. like more than awsome.
"yo man. that shit was gacy."
by Samantha June 18, 2006
a girl that is terribly ugly and is in between a possum and a gofer
ugh stephanie is such a pofer
by Samantha March 11, 2005