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90 definitions by Samantha

1)another name for King Farouk
King Farouk was the monarch of Egypt from 1936-1952
2)a person that faks a wak as in Dr. Suess
~King Farouk is a fakwak.
~"Megan, it's not fakwak it's Farouk!"
by Samantha March 03, 2005
a person that is cheap and dont like to spend money
god that fucking person is such a tightass
by samantha May 05, 2004
a pretty boy with a hot body
I fancy that limuel
by samantha December 23, 2003
Screaming. Towards. the Uprising. of Non-conformity. This band from LA has an awesome sound and shows reminiscent of Jane's Addiction's. They're way cool and really nice. Christiane, their vegan singer, has the most piercing blue eyes ever...
Last night I saw STUN in concert and they blew me away.
by Samantha September 28, 2003
The words Snazzy and Gnarly combined. Very cool and amazing. Also means super gnarly.
"Dude, the waves are totally Sgnarly today!"
by Samantha January 19, 2005
one such person who claims to be too cool for insults
christina is a kevlarretard because she can't stoop to our awesome level of insults.
by Samantha July 21, 2004
A person who lost a good thing and is too stupid to admit they need/want/miss that good thing. Will usually live the rest of his life in regret without ever finding happiness again.
What a Roger Vroom he is! That girl was the best thing that ever happened to him!
by Samantha December 06, 2003