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Kensi is a very gorgeous girl, has a wonderful personality, and everyone wants to be around her. She is very trustworthy and loyal. She is unbelievably pretty. Because she is so beautiful, many guys love her. Kensi is funny and can make anyone laugh. With her personality and body, Kensi is absolutely

Mom: Lauren, why can't you be more like Kensi?

Jack: Kensi is so pretty!
Thomas: I know! She is perfect!
by xdr.999 April 22, 2013
Kensi is an extremely beautiful and unique name for a girl. She is stunning to look at, and has a great personality. A Kensi is strong-willed, straightforward and thick-skinned. She will fight for what she wants and won't stop until she's got it. Kensi is the very definition of badass, but once you know her well, she will reveal her softer, more vulnerable side. If you're lucky enough to date her, she will be your best friend and lover. Once you have her, never let her go. Let her know she can rely on you and she will trust you with all her heart.
Girl: "Kensi is so pretty, I wish I looked like her."
Guy: "Yeah, she's so smart as well."
by S.G.M June 22, 2016
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