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Saffernellie can be a norty gal sometimes.
by Saffernellie August 08, 2009
Female genital area.
I accidently saw my grandmother's twazzer.
by Saffernellie August 08, 2009
A "G-rated" curse word.
Crudball! Joe-Cocker-Spaniel crapped on the floor again!
by Saffernellie August 09, 2009
A person who gossips.
I would like her more if she weren't such a gossipist.
by Saffernellie October 28, 2009
As to say "go ahead."
If you want to take Shayla to the concert gordhead.
by Saffernellie August 06, 2009
To perform extremely strong and satisfying oral sex on a male.
Saffrnellie can't wait to trailer-hitch her darlin' Michael.
by Saffernellie August 10, 2009
A person who works for a radio station.
Linda Kay, the D.J. is radio active.
by Saffernellie August 09, 2009

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