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Sacramento is a really nice place to live. I just moved here couple of years ago from Philly and love this place. People who think this is a small city, they're dead wrong. From Elk Grove to Auburn, Greater Sacramento area will amaze you. Greater Sacramento (Sacramento County, Placer County, Yolo County, El dorado county) is fuckin huge!!! The suburbs, Roseville, Granite Bay, Rocklin etc, are a great place to raise your kids with nice schools. People here really love the Kings, and you wont know what i mean untill you actually go to a game. The weather is nice all year long. There's plenty to for entertainment: Clubs, bars... the whole nine yards. In another 20 years, this metro will be the envy of A LOT of other cities. Ignore all these other idiots here just hating.
Sacramento is fuckin awesome.
by sactofacto May 26, 2006
Area code for for the Metro Sacramento Area: Sacramento, Roseville, Rocklin, Lincoln, West sac, Elk grove, Folsom etc.

Bob: Where you calling from bro?
John: we kickin it in da 916 beaaaaaaatch.
by Sactofacto July 22, 2006
A booming residential area of north Sacramento. New homes, restaurants, and people every where you look. Arco arena, where the Kings play, is also located here. You often see NBA players driving around here during the NBA season. Just close to here is a place called Rio Linda. People living here take detours to avoid Rio Linda at all costs.
Bob: Hey where the fuck do you live?
John: I live in Natomas.
Bob: That place is dope im going to buy a house over there.
John: Cool because your place in South Sac is ghetto.
Bob: True.
by Sactofacto July 22, 2006
Granite Bay is a suburb of Sacramento,right next to Roseville. All the Kings' players live here in their huge million-dollar homes. People over there are rich snobs who think they are superior to everybody. Granite Bay high school has the the most spoiled ass kids that eveybody in Sacramento area likes to hat.
Bob: Hey you from Granite Bay??
John: Yeah, why?
Bob: Because you are getting your ass kicked.
John: But why? I didn't do nothing.
Bob: I know.
John: *runs*
by Sactofacto July 22, 2006
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